Small beginnings lead to greatness. This is the hallmark of SRM IT&D – SRM’s latest offering to all young students who seek knowledge, education and the all- important tools to equip themselves for life.

Every individual is born with a unique personality which endows him with a capability to acquire competency, skill sets and talent matching plus natural flair .At SRM IT&D the focus lies in recognizing this intrinsic quality in each individual and channelizing it through holistic education, training and personality development, to bring about a new generation of happy, young minds creatively endowed and prepared to face the challenges of the working world, society and life.

The SRM IT&D philosophy not only prepares the student with the University qualification, but hones his interest, talent and passions to enhance his personality. Students are the therefore career ready with working knowledge, industry training, experience and most of all the personal and emotional quality desired by modern day organizations.

We are committed to offer the highest standard of excellence in teaching, student services and personal attention to help evolve a raising new generation.

Chairman's Message



1. Collaborative fields of study and research to enhance the student’s strength.
3. Help the students to imbibe academic success, learn leadership skills and develop a sense of civic responsibility.
5. Motivate slow learners with required training and evolve his\her development into valuable personality / individual.
2. An innovative organizational structure to promote disciplinary education across traditional disciplines.
4. Academic knowledge to go hand in hand with valuable professional experience through internship & training program for students.

The Faculty

SRM ITD has enlisted ample number of eminent professors, professional, educational administrators and visiting experts, each of whom has distinguished himself or herself in his or her chosen discipline. Academic exchange programs with universities and colleges overseas for faculty and Students have been planned.

The Administration

The Administration comprises of top of the line professionals and a robust Board of Management who will be the policy makers. They will be assisted by Directors and Advisors in matters of policy, development and planning as well as in day-to-day functioning. These Directors and Advisors have expertise in their respective fields. The Institution is managed by Principal and Dean who in turn work in close co-operation with the heads of various departments. Senior and Junior members of teaching Staff work in true spirit of camaraderie. Every effort is made to encourage the students as well as the staff to participate and involve themselves in the decision-making process.


The programs are duly recognized by Bharathiar University, Coimbatore, who stipulate certain regulations and requirements and the same would apply to all students unless specifically exempted. In addition, students would be required to follow any other formalities as laid down by the institution from time to time.